Leventis Motors is the home of commercial vehicles in Nigeria, renowned in the Nigerian Automobile industry for its quality products & services. It is the only automobile company in Nigeria with a network of seven operating branches across the country, making Leventis Motors a leader in pan-nigerian service.






    The Real Estate Division of A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Plc. is a vibrant, customer service focused, accommodation agent within the Group. Leventis Real Estate is a leader in both residential and commercial real estate property management in Nigeria. 





Leventis Foundation Nigeria

In West Africa, an area long connected with the Leventis family, the "Leventis Foundation Nigeria" was set up in 1988 to continue an already existing philanthropic programme. Today, the Foundation maintains its focus on education, nature conservation and sustainable development projects in Africa and world-wide.  The Foundation has supported charitable work in Nigeria since its inception, originally with a focus on technical education. 

Building on innovation

In 1988 the ‘Leventis Foundation Nigeria’ was formally established to take over and expand the work of this body. In support of the Federal Government's new Educational Programme with its emphasis on self-sufficiency in food production, the Foundation took a major policy decision in 1986, by choosing as its main goal the training of young farmers in modern agricultural methods.    To date, five schools have been established in Nigeria and two in Ghana specializing in innovative ways of training small farmers to improve productivity, efficiency and environmental sensitivity, taking advantage of the latest research at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and elsewhere. The trainees spend a year at the schools and then, returning to their farms and communities, are advised and supported by the schools' extension programmes. By their example, they transfer their skills to other farmers in their area, whilst the schools also organize shorter training courses and farmers' days for the surrounding communities.

Nigerian Conservation Foundation

The Foundation is also a prime mover in the preservation of natural resources in co-operation with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation.  Between 1981 and 1987, the Foundation donated equipment, workshop tools and teaching aids to ten technical colleges in order to help promote the vocational training of Nigerian youths.  There has also been supported for other aspects of education and the environment, medical and cultural causes, in particular collaboration with other NGO such as the Carter Foundation and Sight Savers alleviating widespread disease.                         

Grants & Scholarship Programmes

The Foundation's Publications Programme  is largely related to the cultural heritage,the archaeology and history of Cyprus. It publishes under its own imprint and also makes supporting grants to other publishers and academic institutions.

The Scholarship Programme that had been initiated by A.G. Leventis himself has been gradually systematized and greatly expanded, almost exclusively at university level and since 1992 only at post-graduate level.

There is also a program of research grants, essentially at post-doctoral level, covering subjects within the range of the Foundation's interests. In addition to these areas, a number of fields have received consistent support from the Foundation over a number of years. The environment is the principal of these, with programs in Cyprus, West Africa and elsewhere targeted at the most pressing problems. Medical research and disease control and alleviation have also been important subsidiary activities.

Grants have been made for various charitable causes in Cyprus.


More on the A. G. Leventis Foundation, please see: http://www.agleventisfoundation.org